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Cobalt / Foil

Item Number Size / Description Unit Unit Price
CO-103068 0.001x25x25mm 99.9%

acrylic resin support 1pc 63,000yen
CO-103128 0.004x25x25mm 99.9%
1pc 44,900yen
CO-103170 0.015x50x50mm 99.9%
1pc 40,900yen
CO-103171 0.015x50x100mm 99.9%
1pc 70,000yen
CO-103210 0.02x50x50mm 99.9%
1pc 62,100yen
CO-103212 0.02x50x100mm 99.9%
1pc 74,600yen
CO-103228 0.025x25x25mm 99.9%
1pc 14,800yen
CO-103220 0.025x50x50mm 99.9%
1pc 48,600yen
CO-103260 0.05x50x50mm 99.9%
1pc 23,000yen
CO-103261 0.05x100x100mm 99.9%
1pc 75,000yen
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