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Tungsten / Rod

Item Number Size / Description Unit Unit Price
W-462324 φ0.3x500mm 99.95%
1pc 2,300yen
W-462354 φ0.4x500mm 99.95%
1pc 2,000yen
W-462384 φ0.5x500mm 99.95%
1pc 1,800yen
W-462464 φ0.8x500mm 99.95%
1pc 1,500yen
W-462484 φ1.0x500mm 99.95%
1pc 2,000yen
W-462485 φ1.0x1000mm 99.95%
1pc 5,000yen
W-462504 φ1.2x500mm 99.95%
1pc 2,300yen
W-462524 φ1.5x500mm 99.95%
1pc 2,800yen
W-462544 φ2.0x500mm 99.95%
1pc 5,000yen
W-462545 φ2.0x1000mm 99.95%
1pc 13,600yen
W-462554 φ2.5x500mm 99.95%
1pc 6,200yen
W-462564 φ3.0x500mm 99.95%
1pc 9,600yen
W-462565 φ3.0x1000mm 99.95%
1pc 25,000yen
W-462574 φ3.5x500mm 99.95%
1pc 12,000yen
W-462584 φ4.0x500mm 99.95%
1pc 16,500yen
W-462598 φ5.0x50mm 99.95%
1pc 2,900yen
W-462591 φ5.0x100mm 99.95%
1pc 5,100yen
W-462594 φ5.0x500mm 99.95%
1pc 25,200yen
W-462601 φ6.0x100mm 99.95%
1pc 8,400yen
W-462604 φ6.0x500mm 99.95%
1pc 35,000yen
W-462621 φ8.0x100mm 99.95%
1pc 10,200yen
W-462622 φ8.0x200mm 99.95%
1pc 19,100yen
W-462651 φ10.0x100mm 99.95%
1pc 15,000yen
W-462652 φ10.0x200mm 99.95%
1pc 30,900yen
W-462654 φ10.0x500mm 99.95%
1pc 80,300yen
W-462681 φ15.0x100mm 99.95%
1pc 38,300yen
W-462711 φ20.0x100mm 99.95%
1pc 56,000yen
W-462758 φ30.0x50mm 99.95%
1pc 100,000yen
W-462751 φ30.0x100mm 99.95%
1pc 160,000yen
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