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Tungsten / Wire

Item Number Size / Description Unit Unit Price
W-461025 φ0.0025mmx3m 99.95%
1pc 82,000yen
W-461040 φ0.005mmx3m 99.95%
1pc 67,900yen
W-461041 φ0.005mmx100m 99.95%
1pc 35,000yen
W-461045 φ0.008mmx100m 99.95%
1pc 30,000yen
W-461057 φ0.010mm 99.95%
10m 3,900yen
W-461059 φ0.010mmx100m 99.95%
1pc 25,000yen
W-461077 φ0.020mm 99.95%
10m 3,900yen
W-461097 φ0.030mm 99.95%
10m 3,900yen
W-461105 φ0.040mm 99.95%
10m 3,900yen
W-461107 φ0.050mm 99.95%
10m 3,900yen
W-461117 φ0.060mm 99.95%
10m 3,600yen
W-461167 φ0.10mm 99.95%
10m 3,000yen
W-461227 φ0.15mm 99.95%
10m 3,000yen
W-461267 φ0.20mm 99.95%
10m 3,000yen
W-461287 φ0.25mm 99.95%
10m 3,200yen
W-461327 φ0.30mm 99.95%
10m 3,200yen
W-461337 φ0.35mm 99.95%
10m 3,200yen
W-461357 φ0.40mm 99.95%
10m 3,400yen
W-461377 φ0.45mm 99.95%
10m 3,600yen
W-461387 φ0.50mm 99.95%
10m 4,400yen
W-461396 φ0.55mm 99.95%
5m 2,400yen
W-461406 φ0.60mm 99.95%
5m 2,600yen
W-461416 φ0.65mm 99.95%
5m 2,900yen
W-461436 φ0.70mm 99.95%
5m 3,100yen
W-461446 φ0.75mm 99.95%
5m 3,800yen
W-461466 φ0.80mm 99.95%
5m 4,000yen
W-461467 φ0.85mm 99.95%
5m 5,000yen
W-461475 φ0.90mm 99.95%
1m 1,100yen
W-461476 φ0.95mm 99.95%
1m 1,400yen
W-461485 φ1.0mm 99.95%
1m 1,600yen
W-461505 φ1.20mm 99.95%
1m 2,200yen
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