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Molybdenum/ Bolt

Item Number Size / Description Unit Unit Price
MBM204 0.4xφ3.5x1.3

M2x4mm 1 pc 2,120yen
MBM206 0.4xφ3.5x1.3
M2x6mm 1 pc 2,200yen
MBM210 0.4xφ3.5x1.3
M2x10mm 1 pc 3,960yen
MBM214 0.4xφ3.5x1.3
M2x14mm 1 pc 4,000yen
MBM220 0.4xφ3.5x1.3
M2x20mm 1 pc 4,800yen
MBM304 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x4mm 1 pc 2,200yen
MBM306 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x6mm 1 pc 2,600yen
MBM308 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x8mm 1 pc 2,800yen
MBM310 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x10mm 1 pc 3,000yen
MBM312 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x12mm 1 pc 3,200yen
MBM314 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x14mm 1 pc 3,400yen
MBM318 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x18mm 1 pc 3,800yen
MBM320 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x20mm 1 pc 4,200yen
MBM330 0.5xφ5.5x2
M3x30mm 1 pc 7,600yen
MBM406 0.7xφ7.0x2.6
M4x6mm 1 pc 2,400yen
MBM410 0.7xφ7.0x2.6
M4x10mm 1 pc 2,800yen
MBM414 0.7xφ7.0x2.6
M4x14mm 1 pc 3,200yen
MBM420 0.7xφ7.0x2.6
M4x20mm 1 pc 4,000yen
MBM508 0.8xφ9.0x3.3
M5x8mm 1 pc 2,800yen
MBM512 0.8xφ9.0x3.3
M5x12mm 1 pc 3,200yen
MBM520 0.8xφ9.0x3.3
M5x20mm 1 pc 3,600yen
MBM614 1.0xφ10.5x3.9
M6x14mm 1 pc 3,600yen
MBM620 1.0xφ10.5x3.9
M6x20mm 1 pc 4,000yen
MBM816 1.25xφ14x5.2
M8x16mm 1 pc 7,600yen
MBM825 1.25xφ14x5.2
M8x25mm 1 pc 10,000yen
MBM1014 1.5xφ16x6
M10x14mm 1 pc 10,000yen
MBM1020 1.5xφ16x6
M10x20mm 1 pc 11,000yen
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