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Gold / Foil

Item Number Size / Description Unit Unit Price
AU-173048 0.00025x25x25mm 99.9%

acrylic resin support 1pc 114,700yen
AU-173039 0.0005x25x25mm 99.9%

acrylic resin support 1pc 98,900yen
AU-173058 0.00075x25x25mm 99.9%

acrylic resin support 1pc 82,400yen
AU-173102 ヤク0.0025x200x200mm 99.9+%
1pc 14,500yen
AU-173108 0.0025x25x25mm 99.9%
1pc 41,700yen
AU-173138 0.005x25x25mm 99.95%
1pc 53,500yen
AU-173174 0.01x50x50mm 99.95%
1pc 28,900yen
AU-173175 0.01x100x100mm 99.95%
1pc 95,700yen
AU-173214 0.02x50x50mm 99.95%
1pc 18,600yen
AU-173215 0.02x100x100mm 99.95%
1pc 59,000yen
AU-173244 0.03x50x50mm 99.95%
1pc 24,900yen
AU-173241 0.03x100x100mm 99.95%
1pc 69,500yen
AU-173265 0.05x50x50mm 99.95%
1pc 38,000yen
AU-173261 0.05x100x100mm 99.95%
1pc 103,700yen
AU-173274 0.06x50x50mm 99.95%
1pc 41,000yen
AU-173271 0.06x100x100mm 99.95%
1pc 131,000yen
AU-173304 0.08x50x50mm 99.95%
1pc 44,700yen
AU-173301 0.08x100x100mm 99.95%
1pc 143,000yen
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